Know Your Tractor-Trailer Inside and Out

Use our truck diagnostic tool made in Fort Kent or Bangor, ME

It's important for you to know everything about the tractor-trailers you own. Since some problems can be more subtle, they can fly under the radar. Trailer Dr of Fort Kent & Bangor, ME can help ensure this won't happen. We've created a truck diagnostic tool that can attach to the tractor section of your truck. This mobile universal trailer tester will give updates about the tractor and alert you about any issues. You can purchase this truck diagnostic tool to keep with you at all times.

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Why do people love our tester?

As simple as a truck diagnostic tool may seem, the benefits of owning one are significant. Truck drivers love our tester because it:

  • Attaches easily to tractor-trailers
  • Is compatible with remote controls
  • Is compact, lightweight and waterproof

We can explain exactly how to use our product and its capabilities so you won't feel left in the dark. Call us today to hear more about our mobile universal trailer tester.

Features & Specs


Warranty: 1-Year

Air Input: 125 lbs. max pneumatic output (Self regulated)

Internal Battery Remote: A23 12V Alkaline Batteries

Ext. Power Input: 115vac

Output: 30 Amps @ 12.8 VDC

Connection Type: 7 Way Round Pin

Controls: Manual & Remote

Materials: NEMA 1/2/3/3R/3S/4/4X/6/6P/12/13 Polycarbonate

Weight: 15.2 lbs

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 4in (HxWxD)

Additional Features:

Electronic overload protection with buzzer and light indicator

Indication buzzer for remote control receiver confirmation